RV College of Engineering fees

The fee arrangement is costly in the event that you happen through direction quota however, perhaps not in the event that you cannot through comedK Or Kcet or throughout alternative rural quota.
Placements and tasks in my division are extremely good and yes the faculty does supply internship throughout the faculty However, You Want to sit placements and it really assists in creating your abilities along with the overall experience Is Actually good and that the stipend can also be excellent in some of the branches such as computer science and information science.


  • Comedk exam will be awarded. Then await the outcome to be outside after which you definitely want to cross the cut-off list.
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  • Yes I have chosen for hostel as It's extremely enjoyable to hang out with buddies in the hostel also it makes it simple for me to attend faculty rather than bunk courses and that I could even readily go to my area also have a novel if I overlook it in course.


Anil Kumble is among those aluminide of our school he has not come to Your school lately but it's extremely pleasant to know He is out of our collegeThere are far more aluminise have begun their very own Start Ups and also have triumphed a great deal and therefore are making Plenty of cash.


Faculty are great, some are ok

CAMPUS Lifestyle

Sports are not given much significance within our school however labs are providing each course includes three labs week and also this love is a mandatory rather than very enjoyable but educates you a Whole Lot about the concept in technical way to examinations are conducted each session for all these labs
Course is good. Assessment structure is overly frantic.


There are mainly two occasions in our school including East Summit and 8 mile and are extremely good but the Majority of times that they do not have been our faculty does not Have Sufficient finance but when it occurred seemingly it occurred great I have not gotten among the festival until today therefore I Don't understand


College includes its bank On-campus Kotak bank that gives loan Based on One's 12th and 10th marks and can be tied up with faculty Therefore it is rather easy to get loan on your own and scholarship is granted to individuals with reduced income because their charges will be decreased by 90 percent